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About Us

MBAplans was founded by Giovanni Valencia and David Levy, two business school buddies from NYU that viewed the world from a different perspective. Giovanni had been a serial entrepreneur and David a professional journalist. In business school they of course learned the important business fundamentals like creating financial statements, market-sizing analyses and corporate strategy. They realized however that business success is much less the technical, and much more the creative, barrier-breaking, out-of-the-box, and in-your-face thinking. They sought to share this vision with the world and MBAplans was born. Today Giovanni and David are passionate business architects that will help turn your extraordinary business ideas into extraordinary business success!

Giovanni Valencia, MBA

Giovanni is a Doctoral degree candidate at the University of Pennsylvania and brings over 20 years of business start-up, development, strategy, marketing, sales, training, and finance experience. As an entrepreneur, Giovanni has launched numerous ventures including TVC, the first Spanish language home-shopping program in the US. His expertise in business startups, marketing and strategy, and a passion for training and education led to a position at Rutgers Business School, where he was the Associate Director of Entrepreneurship Programs and taught at the undergraduate and MBA level. Today, Giovanni delivers creative business solutions and continues to train and develop, with a focus on learning and development, sales, branding, and customer experience.

David Levy, MBA

David brings 20 years of experience in product development and launch, operations and change management, branding and strategy, sales and marketing, and executive leadership. His career includes launching the web business at Reader's Digest magazine, tenure as Director, Business Development at SquareTrade, and senior executive positions at top digital and marketing firms such as Publicis, Colangelo, and Story Worldwide. David has worked in B2B and B2C, integrated and direct response marketing, with channel expertise that includes web, mobile, social, search, CRM, email, display, affiliate, co-registration, print and TV.

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